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Maintenance is Crucial for Your Home Fixtures

Annual Maintenance on Fixtures

Homeowners know that it only takes one minor inconvenience to derail a perfectly planned day. One of the most troublesome mishaps is a leaky faucet or inoperative fixture.

Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid unneeded expenses and helps keeps your home value at a premium. Even though this aspect of home ownership is crucial, fixture and faucet maintenance is sometimes last on the home care list. Having a plumbing professional perform annual maintenance is the most convenient way to ensure that these items operate efficiently and do not fail at an inconvenient time.

In the Kitchen

Families spend hours in their kitchens because they are the heart of the home, but clogged drains are a major inconvenience. Even homeowners who are careful about what goes into the sink cannot prevent the gradual buildup of cooking oils, vegetable matter, and other items tossed into the drain. Garbage disposals, although used for grinding larger objects, are sometimes inadequate for the job. At times, the clog occurs deep within the pipes and is impossible for the Van Nuys homeowner to access. During an annual maintenance check, the plumber will check to make sure there are no potential blockages and do an assessment of whether or not the disposal is sufficient for the homeowner’s needs.

In the Bathroom

A nice hot bath or shower is a great way to relax. If the hot water heater is inadequate for the job or malfunctioning, the bath becomes less relaxing and more worrisome. Hot water heaters are available that regulate water temperature precisely and when the household has small children, are even adjustable to prevent scalding incidents. Toilets are notorious for clogs. Daily use causes wear and tear on the fixtures and fittings, and most Van Nuys homeowners know that toilets clog at the most inconvenient times. Sometimes water pressure is the culprit to a toilet prone to clog, but leaks cause problems as well. Annual maintenance checks prevent these common inconveniences from happening.

Preventative Care

A plumbing professional considers the plumbing and fixtures of the entire home during annual maintenance. Drains checked to make sure they are clear and allow for the free flow of water prevent future clogs. An examination of the water heater ensures that there are no leaks and that it is of sufficient size for the home. Water lines are prepared for the cold season to make sure there is no danger of pipes freezing and bursting.

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The Guide to Prevent Future Slab Leaks

Precautions to Take to Prevent Slab Leaks

Maintaining your Van Nuys home plumbing system can be time consuming, but it must be done to ensure the home stays in excellent condition. One of the biggest problems when it comes to home plumbing involves slab leaks, which happen when pipes that are located within the foundation or underground begin leaking.









If this happens, extensive damage can be done to the foundation which can result in repair bills that may total several thousand dollars. However, by taking a few steps to prevent slab leaks from happening, a home can stay in great shape and retain its full market value.

Inspect All Pipes

In addition to the pipes located in the foundation walls or underground, those that are located in basements or crawlspaces should also be examined by a licensed plumber to ensure they have no cracks or holes in them that are letting water leak out. Plumbers have special equipment that can examine pipes that are contained within walls or buried underneath the foundation, allowing them to examine them in great detail. If any of the pipes are found to be damaged, they should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible to avoid any further water damage from happening.

Pay Attention to Water Bills

While an occasional water bill may be higher than normal now and then, if it becomes a regular occurrence it is a sign that something is wrong with the home’s plumbing system. Slab leaks are known for making water bills go much higher than normal, so if this is the case a plumber should be contacted to examine the foundation for any signs of damage. If the foundation is determined to be damaged, repairs should be made as soon as possible to eliminate the higher than normal bills plus keep the home’s structure in good condition.

Maintain Adequate Water Pressure

Water pressure in a Van Nuys home’s plumbing system may drop now and then when several items such as sinks and washing machines are in use at the same time. However, if there are drops in water pressure on a regular basis or if water pressure goes low and stays there, slab leaks may be the cause. Plumbers can check the home for possible causes of low water pressure, and can make adjustments to sinks and appliances that will cut down or eliminate drops in pressure. By doing so, chances of a slab leak will be greatly diminished.

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The Guide to Protect Your Pipes From Bursting


Burst pipes are an important plumbing problem, both in Van Nuys homes and the public piping systems. Bursting of pipes, in and around your home is something that most people dread. The outcome is messy, and one may also incur expenses from both the burst pipes and extended damages caused as an aftermath. The damages may range from property destruction in and around homes to closing off entire areas of cities. Burst pipes occur both in cold and warmer seasons, mainly because pipes freeze as a result of quick temperature drops, poor insulation, and thermostats set too low. This drop in temperature will lead to expanding of the water as it freezing, building up the pressure in pipes which gradually becomes weakened. As a result, the pipes burst. The good news you can take preventive measures to ensure that your pipes will be in service for a while longer.

Insulation of Pipes

Have your pipes and water tanks insulated, this can be done using insulating lagging or foam. It would be advisable to have the insulation done even where the cold weather is not very common. Insulate those pipes in your home’s attic, basement and crawl spaces. Exposed pipes are highly susceptible to freezing. With proper insulation, your pipes will be well protected.

Central Heating System

Fitting a Central Heating System, will help you keep your pipes in good operating temperature even during extreme weather conditions. Also, have the heating system regularly serviced to provide safeguard the pipe durability all seasons long.

Regular Maintenance

A simple but very effective act is to have your plumber come over and make regular checks performing any significant maintenance on the piping system. It goes a long way in ensuring your pipe’s longevity and their service as they are kept happy. Before going away from your home, turn off your stopcock, drain the water from your system and close all the tapes, and leave your heating on. It keeps the pipes safe until you return.

Use of the Stopcock

It is essential to know where your home’s stopcock is. Have your stopcock regularly checked that it can turn off quickly. If you notice stress on your pipes and signs of potential bursts just stop the water flow with the stopcock and have your Van Nuys plumber take a look. Saving a lot of unwanted results.

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Pipe and Drain Tips for Pet Owners

Pet Owners: 4 Plumbing Tips to Keep Drains & Pipes Clean

When it comes to pet care, many things must be taken into account. Giving them regular baths, cleaning litter boxes daily, making sure they have fresh food and water, and much more all add up to plenty of work for a pet owner.









However, in the course of doing these things, an occasional plumbing problem can occur. If you wonder how you can prevent plumbing problems from happening, take a look at the following suggestions for keeping your Van Nuys home’s drains and pipes clean.

Be Wary of Flushable Litter

While most cat owners enjoy the convenience of flushable litter, most plumbers agree this type of litter plays havoc on drains and pipes. When this litter is flushed down a toilet, it does not go straight through the pipes. Instead, it sticks in the pipes and begins to set up much like concrete, creating a horrendous clog. If this happens, be prepared to pay a hefty repair bill to have the pipes cleaned. To keep this from happening, plumbers recommend disposing of used litter in a trashcan. Along with keeping this litter away from the toilet, it’s a good idea to keep your dog away from the toilet bowl as well. When they are allowed to take regular drinks from the bowl, their hair eventually winds up in the pipes and results in clogs.

Always Use a Strainer

When it’s bath time for your dog or cat, be sure to do everything possible to keep their hair from going down the drain. To do this, the best thing is to purchase a drain strainer made just for catching pet hairs. By using this strainer each time your dog or cat gets cleaned up, chances are you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary clogs that will require the plumber’s expertise in order to clean.

Pipes and Drains At Risk

In some homes, various pipes are exposed for everyone to see, and that includes dogs. When this happens, younger dogs will spend hours and hours chewing on pipes. As a result, they will damage the pipes to the point where the pipes may need to be replaced. If drains are left open, cats may walk into them and get stuck. If this is the case, a Van Nuys plumber will need to rescue them. All of this will result in large repair bills, so it’s best to install drain covers and keep all pipes covered as well.

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Sounds Within the Walls Might be a Water Leak

Ways to Detect a Water Leak in Your Home

water leak in your Van Nuys home can cause a ton of damage, including rotted wood and mold growth. And that damage can be worse and more extensive if the water leak is hidden and not detected for a long time. Here are three ways to detect a water leak in your home.

Look Outside the Usual Places

One way to ensure a hidden water leak stays hidden is not to periodically check places where it could be hiding. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, you should occasionally inspect areas of your house that don’t normally see the light of day. This can include your attic, crawl space and cabinets under sink. It is especially important to check these areas if there are pipes in them.

Look for Unusual Signs

Water leaks don’t always announce themselves with trickles of water or wet spots, but they usually do leave some kind of sign, and if you are on the lookout for these signs, it will be easier to detect a water leak. Some signs to look for include discolored areas on walls and ceilings, peeling or bubbling paint or wallpaper, and floors that bubble or buckle. If you see any of these signs, you should investigate them right away.

Check Your Water Bill

A water leak that leaves no visible signs at all can seem impossible to find. But there is one way: your water bill. By paying attention to each water bill, you can get an idea of what is going on with your water use. A water bill that suddenly is significantly higher, without a logical explanation, such as a spike in use due to outdoor watering, can be a strong sign you have a leak somewhere in your Van Nuys home. If you discover such a change in your bill, you should investigate, and if you can’t find a likely cause, you should call in a plumber to try to find the source of your leak. Following the signs to find a hidden water leak can mean the difference between a small leak that does minor damage and a huge one that leads to an expensive cleanup.

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What Different Colors of Water Mean

Why is Your Water Discolored?

When a Van Nuys home’s water becomes discolored, not only is it disgusting, but it can also be a potential health problem if not corrected. Algae levels may be high, sewage may be seeping into the water, and many more harmful things that can greatly hinder a family’s ability to use their own water.






However, before panicking about this, it’s always good to contact a plumber in order to get the water tested. Not only will this provide the reason behind the discoloration, but also offer options for repairs. If you wonder why your water is discolored, here are a few reasons for the problem.

Green or Bluish-Green Water

If the water from your sink becomes green or bluish-green, you’ve probably got water that contains high levels of algae or other organisms. While this may sound gross, the fact is most water has small levels of these organisms in it virtually all the time. However, when levels get too high, the water’s color will change. Usually not harmful to humans, it should still be tested by a plumber to verify the cause of the color change. If it’s algae, installing water filters can often take care of the problem.

Black Water

Nobody likes to see black water flowing from their taps, and when they do a real problem usually exists. Water that is black or a very dark brown can indicate one of several problems such as dirt, mold, extremely high mineral content, or even sewage being present in the water. Needless to say, the water should not be used for anything until it has been tested. A Van Nuys plumber can test the water, and once the results are verified repairs can begin. These can range from replacing pipes to using water softeners to replacing the home’s sewer line if it’s letting sewage contaminate the home’s water supply.

Red Water

While red may be a pretty color, it’s not when that’s the color of your water. If red water shows up at your home, you’ve probably got some pipes that need to be replaced. Most often, the cause of red water is pipes that have become rusted on the inside and are coloring the water from the rust that’s getting into the water. Older homes have this problem, but newer homes with pipes located in crawlspaces or garages can have it as well. By replacing the affected pipes, the red water should disappear.

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Best For Your Bathroom

5 Inventive Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom for the New Year

Of all the rooms in a Van Nuys home, the bathroom has in recent years become arguably the most important one in terms of decorating and remodeling. As more and more families look to add as much convenience as possible to their homes, the bathroom has evolved into a place where one can not only take a shower and brush their teeth, but also listen to music, read, and even watch television.







A room that is becoming known for multi-tasking, there are numerous ways people are finding to remodel their bathroom to make it accommodate their lifestyle. If you’re in the mood for a remodeling project with your bathroom, here are some interesting ideas you can put to good use in yours.

Furniture, Fixtures, and Other Stuff

To show just how far bathrooms have come in recent years, it is now becoming commonplace to have recliners, armories, chaise lounges, and other types of furniture installed in bathrooms. In many cases, this is done when a bathroom is enlarged in order to make this happen. Along with the furniture, many plumbing fixtures are now being installed that come in all types of shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether it’s stainless steel, marble, chrome, or other various materials, it’s clear today’s plumbers are installing many new types of fixtures to bring a touch of elegance and uniqueness to homes.

Whirlpools, Tubs, and Showers

For those people who want to turn their bathroom into a spa, plumbers are installing jet tubs, hot tubs, whirlpools, and glass showers to bring the spa experience to your Van Nuys’ home. As people find themselves under increased stress from personal and professional responsibilities, they are looking for ways to relax at the end of the day. Thus, the bathroom has become the place to do just that. Whether it’s a dip into the hot tub or using the frame less glass shower, these bathrooms are bringing together the best of elegance and relaxation.

Who Wants a Warm Floor?

If there is one thing that can turn any bathroom into a paradise, it’s a warm floor. For people who have stepped from the shower to a cold floor, they know all too well how it feels. However, now plumbers have the ability to install electric floor heating units under bathroom tile, creating an experience unlike any other. In addition to the warm floor, some manufacturers are also looking to sell units that heat walls as well.

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Maintenance 101 For Your Toilet

3 Challenges of Using and Maintaining a Toilet

Today’s toilets are made to be economical as well as friendly to the environment, making them virtually maintenance-free. However, that does not mean they never require any maintenance in order to keep working properly. For many people, that means taking some time to get to know their toilet and all its parts and how they work. By doing so, maintaining the toilet becomes much easier. If you find yourself needing to know more about how to overcome the challenges associated with keeping the toilet in your Van Nuys home in top shape, take a look at some of the following tips.

Clogs Are Inevitable

Unfortunately, no matter how well toilets are made today, clogs are inevitable at some point. Whether it’s a minor one in the trap or a larger one in the sewer line, a plumber’s expertise will need to be called to make sure the problem gets corrected as soon as possible. To avoid most clogs, be sure to use high-quality toilet paper that disintegrates easily and be sure to not put anything in the bowl for flushing that would become clogged. If there is any doubt, simply throw it away in a trashcan.

Worn Out Flappers

Toilets that make hissing sounds all the time and appear to never cut off usually have worn out flapper valves that need replacing. When these valves become damaged or simply wear out, they can’t properly seal the tank after flushing, resulting in water leaking from the tank to the toilet bowl. If left unchecked, this problem can potentially waste up to 200 gallons of water per day, creating water bills that could go through the roof. In addition to the flapper valves, other causes include corroded overflow pipes and broken flush valve assemblies. No matter the problem, a Van Nuys plumber should be called as soon as possible to make whatever repairs are needed.

Get Rid of Old Toilets

If you have a modern home but an old toilet, you’re probably losing money due to its inefficiency. That’s because older toilets use much more water per flush, making them very impractical in today’s world. Old toilets use over 3.5 gallons for each flush, while newer toilets use less than 2 gallons per flush. If you’ve got an older toilet, get rid of it and install a new one as soon as possible. You’ll save money, plus you’ll also be helping the environment by conserving a precious natural resource.

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The Real Deal

The Top 5 Plumbing Myths

When it comes to plumbing, most Van Nuys people prefer to leave any problems that arise to the plumber they contact. That’s a good idea, since many people have little if any knowledge of their pipes, drains, and other plumbing components in their homes. However, some people do think they know best where plumbing is concerned and believe they can do things their own way and have great outcomes. Unfortunately, many of their ideas often result in more harm than good being done, which leads to high repair bills. If you’re using some of these myths as a way to manage your plumbing needs, take a look at some of the most popular ones and why they should be discarded at once.

Using Lemons to Clean the Garbage Disposal

While many people do this, all that’s accomplished is making the disposal smell like lemons. To properly disinfect the disposal, use warm water and soap. Spray some into the disposal, wait 15-20 minutes, then scrub with a cleaning brush. However, before doing so be sure to disconnect the disposal from any power sources. Otherwise, you’ll be in for quite a shock.

Plumbing Fixtures and Maintenance

For some reason, many people think their Van Nuys plumbing fixtures need little or no maintenance. However, they should be inspected regularly for any leaks or other damage that would require repair or replacement. And while checking for any problems, be sure to not clean them with hand soap. Otherwise, the fixture’s finish will be damaged. Instead, use baking soda or cut lemons. In addition to the fixtures, people also believe their pipes, drains, and toilets also need little if any maintenance. However, they too require regular checks for leaks or other damage that could require a plumber to repair.

It’s All Down the Drain

While garbage disposals sound as if they can handle anything, they are in fact made to handle a select number of items. However, people continue to put such things as cigarette butts, metal cans, banana peels, and more in them, thinking if they run water while doing so everything will be fine. In addition to this, many people also make the mistake of thinking they can pour grease or oil down their drains if hot water accompanies them. Unfortunately, this often leads to severe clogs that will require a plumber’s expertise to fix. So in addition to the inconvenience, some high repair bills will follow. Are you having trouble with your Van Nuys, CA plumbing system? Call Expert Plumbing and Rooter Inc at 818-474-1109 for all your repair needs!