Make Sure Your Garbage Disposal is Ready for Thanksgiving

How to Prevent a Garbage Disposal Disaster During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for many things, including having a garbage disposal that works. However, many people don’t get to be thankful for this due to putting various things down the drain that will do the disposal more harm than good. And if there is one thing nobody needs while preparing the turkey and sweet potatoes, it’s a garbage disposal that decides to break down at the worst possible time. To make sure this doesn’t happen at your Van Nuys home, here are three ways a Thanksgiving Day garbage disposal disaster can be avoided.

Watch Out for Utensils

Of all the things that happen to garbage disposals, one of the most common is having utensils fall down the drain and into the disposal. When this happens, not only will the silverware get mangled when it tangles with the disposal’s blades, but it may do so much damage that the disposal itself will need to be replaced. Either way, a service call to a plumber will be in order to assess the damage and decide if repairs can be made.

Remember It’s Not a Trashcan

Because it’s called a garbage disposal, many people automatically assume they can put anything and everything down their disposal. When this happens, that’s when the problems begin. Not only do people put the wrong types of foods down their disposals, but also such items as cigarette butts and even tin cans. Needless to say, when these items meet up with the disposal’s blades, gears, and motor, the disposal usually comes out on the losing end. Blades can get broken, gears can become jammed, and motors can overheat and stop working. For those people who want a real Thanksgiving disaster to occur, dumping trash in the disposal is a certain way to make that happen.

Stay Away from Starchy Foods

While rice and pasta look like foods that would be safe to put down a garbage disposal, they are in fact some of the most harmful. This is due to the fact that as they get wet, they expand and expand. Unfortunately, once put down the disposal they begin to expand in the pipes, which will eventually clog the pipes and require the services of a Van Nuys plumber in order to get fixed.

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