Drain Repair

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Shower Floor Drain Repair

There can be many issues surrounding drain functionality, ask a qualified technician for help anytime!

Drain problems eating at your brain? There are many drains that are in our homes, from the kitchen to the bathrooms, there are many connections that can go awry that may require a drain plumber! Most problems are usually caused by leaks or clogs, in some serious cases there could be corrosion in which a replacement would be best recommended.

Common Causes Of Clogged Pipes

If you are noticing that the water in your sink or bathtub is taking longer to drain than it used to or doesn’t drain at all, there could be a backup or clog. As time passes, buildup of waste can restrict the flow of your water from running as smoothly as it did when it was clear. These types of blockages are usually the result of dirt, grime and grease buildup on the walls of your pipes. Because of the sticky nature of these materials, foreign object like hair can easily become caught cause a snowball effect of build up. In some cases, a blockage of a drain pipe could be the result of a root growth into pipes from nearby trees or a ruptured sewer line from shifting ground.

Fixing A Clogged Drain

Depending on the nature of the drain, there a variety of tools and methods that can help in drain pipe repair. Our technicians at Expert Plumbing and Rooter Inc first visually inspect the drainpipe with a small video camera that is mounted on the end of a flexible rod which can be inserted into your pipes for damage observation.

In cases where the issue is a common clog from the accumulation of grease and grime, the common solution would be the use of augers or snakes to clear out the buildup. For much tougher clogs that are beyond the reach of an auger such as those caused by an invasive tree root growth, the best remedy would be to use the hydro jetting method which uses high pressurized water to scour out the build-up. In the scenario of a ruptured sewer line, a trench less method (to minimize damage to the landscape) of drain pipe replacement or repair may be necessary.

Types of Drain Damage

Fractured pipes: If pipes were made about 20 years ago, they may be susceptible to cracks and corrosion.

Collapsed pipes: If too much pressure is being applied to the top of the drains than they can collapse from heightened corrosion.

Roots: Roots can cause many damages to pipes as they can seep into cracks and cause further breaks and blockages.

Deformed pipework: Pipes made from pitch fiber, commonly made from the 1960s, are more susceptible to deterioration, delamination, breaks, and blockages.

Types of Drain Repair

Bathtub or Shower drain repair: If you’re in need of a shower or tub drain repair, the issue may be your drain gasket or stopper’s functionality or drain blockages. It’s best in these cases to see the functionality of the type of drain you may have such as ones with trip levers, ones without, one with foot lock or roller balls, one with lift and turn tub drains, pop-up tub drains and plunger tub drains.

Sink drain repair: Sink drains can either have leaks that are causing problems, drain blockages from your sink’s garbage disposal that could be the cause for headaches. Bathroom or kitchen sink drain repair may differ in some areas yet in most cases the solution to a problem may be to install a new drain pipe or drain trap.

Kitchen Sink Drain Repair

Replacement may be needed in your kitchen sink if leaks indicate signs of a drain’s old age.

Whether your issue is a clogged drain, drain stoppers, poor piping, drain corrosion, breaks or old drain traps there is always a drain plumber ready to assist you in drain repairs. As drain damages can also be signs or stepping stones to bigger issues, it is always recommended that you partake in the free camera inspections that can zero in on the source of your issue so the correct and most immediate damage can be fixed. There’s no need to spend too much on costs and fixtures, with Expert Plumbing and Rooter Inc we are always looking for cost-effective strategies and provide several options for your repairs! Do not hesitate to ask us questions and take advantage of our offered warranty for drain and rooter services in case you may need to follow-up on an issue!

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