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Plumbing Emergencies

We don’t expect you to be an expert, if you are unsure if your plumbing problem constitutes as an emergency give us a call just in case! We are a 24-hour emergency plumbing service that is always ready to talk with you if you have any questions, and we make a point to respond immediately if you require help! It’s better to be safe than sorry!

A good rule of thumb to keep if you’re doubtful is to assess if leaving the problem unattended will cause a safety risk or potentially lead to greater damage to your home, business, occupants or belongings. If you’re dealing with an issue that has that potential, chances are you’re dealing with a plumbing emergency that demands immediate attention!

*Plumbing emergencies can include, but are not limited to:

*Plumbing emergencies and reactions can range depending on the types or models of the machines and subsequent systems in your home or business. Tell tale signs and behavior can greatly vary as they are dependent on several factors! If you are confused as to what necessitates action vs safety, always take safety into mind first!

First Safety, Then Action

It is important in the event of an emergency to first assess if your safety will be compromised if you decide to engage in preventing further damage by interacting with any machines or appliances. If you are unsure about what to do immediately after you’ve discovered a plumbing emergency, get to an area where you are safe and contact your 24 hour emergency plumbing service for questions.

Broken Water Heater

A broken water heater can be the result of heavy corrosion and most likely if that is the case you may have experienced seeing rusty water due to bacteria build-up because of it. Other signs to consider are cloudy water, popping or rumbling noises, leaks, faulty water pressure or lack of hot water due to mineral build up. Depending on the model or type of breaker in your business or home, you may be able to switch off the breaker to prevent further water flooding.

Water Flooding

If you come across clean water flooding in or outside your home or business, the first thing to do if you are able is to stem the water flow in order to minimize on potential damages. If you can reach the area safely, close the main water shut-off valve usually found near your water meter. Water flooding may come about from broken water lines, heaters or piping problems.

Wastewater Back Up

If wastewater is backing up into your property, avoid the use of any water including running taps, appliances or flushing toilets. Signs may include gurgling toilets, multiple clogged drains, putrid odors and water pooling in or around your property.

Gas Leak

In the case of a gas leak, do not engage with any kind of electronics, lighting, or technology and evacuate the premises immediately! Reach a safe distance before you call either 911 or your gas company to report the leak and receive the necessary assistance. Safety comes first especially in this case as electrical activity can create a spark! If your earthquake gas shut-off valve has been activated, contact a qualified professional or technician to reset the valves.

Call In The Experts

After you have done what you are able to contain the damage without risking your safety, call the Van Nuys, CA emergency plumbing service professionals at Expert Plumbing and Rooter Inc! We have trained service and repair technicians who are always ready to help by being on call 24/7 365 days a year! No matter the hour of calamity, day or night, you can count on us for speedy response and rapid action. Our team will be on site and ready to qualm your dilemma quick as a whistle!

Call Us for All of Your Plumbing Emergencies!

If you’re unsure whether your plumbing problem is an emergency or not, give us a call! Better safe than sorry!

Once there, they will stop and prevent further damage from occurring before moving on to repair the problem. Depending on the severity of the issue, emergency plumbing repair can be relatively quick and simple. However, some cases such as pipe replacements or other detrimental scenarios in your plumbing system may require diligent focus. Whatever your repairs may consist of, rest assured that the Expert Plumbing and Rooter Inc team will work carefully to minimize disruption and inconvenience to you, your family, or business.

When an unexpected plumbing emergency happens in your Van Nuys, CA home or commercial establishment, call Expert Plumbing and Rooter Inc at 818-474-1109! We are available at any time of night or day to quickly respond to any plumbing crisis.