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Faucet Repair & Replacements

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When it comes to faucets and sinks, the equipment is often very durable and doesn’t need to be replaced often for functionality. A porcelain bathroom faucet may be susceptible to cracking or breaking upon contact with a heavy force, but most of the time replacements are done for aesthetic reasons or for upgrades. However, when it does need replacement or repair, it can slow down the productivity of your life. Say you need to wash food for cooking or it’s time for a bath? When there’s a need for use, action is key in any case no matter if you need kitchen faucet repair or even bathtub faucet repair. Fixtures can range from water leaks to noise, from drips caused by seals that aren’t watertight to breaks in the pop up drain plug mechanism. Whatever the case, a reliable faucet is not something to skip over!

Types of Faucets

Compression Faucets: This type of faucet is the oldest of the four and features separate rotational turning handles for hot and cold water. By turning the handles, you are essentially tightening and loosening a screw and washer stem assembly system which sits on a valve seat that can compress water flow.

Ball Faucets: This type came afterwards in order to eliminate the use of washers in a faucet, unlike the compression faucet, this type has only one handle for hot and cold water. It can rotate semi-freely up and down or side to side with location of where you rotate the handle can affecting the temperature, flow rate and pressure of water that is released. The lever ball assembly is located in the body of the faucet which sits on a system of springs with inlets that allow for water flow. The ball itself has chambers and slots that when rotated, align with the inlet seats that control temperature and pressure. (Kitchens usually have this type.)

Disc Faucets: Following the idea of its predecessor, disc faucets also aim to not rely on washers and are actually more durable than the previous two designs. The body is wider and more cylindrical and contains two ceramic discs, the upper and lower discs, that when separated create a gap for water flow. The upper disc rotates with the handle while the lower stays locked in place, the handle can move up and down or side to side like ball faucets but are more restricted in motion.

Cartridge Faucets: This type of faucet can have one or two handles but doesn’t require rotation as a compression faucet to activate water flow. Rotation of the cartridge handle can adjust the temperature and to turn the water on or off you simple turn the handle in a smooth motion. A single handle cartridge faucet however moves up and down to control water flow or side to side for temperature like disc faucets. This type of faucet contains a hollow metal cartridge inside the body that blocks both of the hot and cold water lines. When the faucet is opened the cartridge pushes forward to allow for water flow but still covers the temperature lines. In order to adjust temperatures, you slightly rotate the cartridge to unblock the cold and hot water intakes.

Noisy Faucet

As odd as it sounds, faucets can emit noises such as whistles, chatter and shrieks that not only can disturb the peace and quiet of your home but become a functional nuisance. These phenomena sometimes occurs in new homes where pipes are too small for water to pass through properly. In turn, older homes can be susceptible to this noise through the restricted flow of pipes due to the formation of scale. If left untreated, scale build up can also add to more serious issues like slab leaks.

The most likely case of faucet noise in compression faucets often arises from a washer that is not tightened properly or perhaps is the wrong size. If this fix doesn’t solve the issue and the noise persists, your next option would be cleaning the washer seat. Residue can partially close the seat, thereby restricting the water flow and causing it to exude noise.

Leaky Faucet Repair

If you’re having issues with the echoing bell toll of a leaky faucet that drips every five seconds, you could be wasting 400 gallons of water annually. Save up on the headache as well as your monthly bills, not only is this bad for the environment, it’s bad for your pocket. Faucet leaks can also gather dampness which allow for the breeding of bacteria, fungus and mold. This type of pooling usually occurs when the leak initiates inside the valve which causes drips from the handle to collect on the counter top or even under the sink. Some repair options can involve replacing the cracked or damaged washer or installing a new one if the tap is beyond repair. With different design options, you can have a brand new set up that will compliment your chosen room nicely!

Design Installations

Faucet Installation Adds Design Elements

Faucet installation can upgrade the performance & add to the design elements of your room!

Maybe you don’t need a shower faucet repair, perhaps you’d like to upgrade to a new shower head that features fancy shower settings like rain, mist or gentle messages. If you feel your kitchen or bathroom is looking outdated and you want to spruce things up, we’d be happy to help in your fixture needs. A new faucet can aide both in functionality with its new features as well as give the room a fresh contemporary or modern feel.  


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