Garbage Disposal Repair

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What is a Garbage Disposal?

A garbage disposal is a unit usually installed in your kitchen sink that chops up any food that passes into it to tiny pieces small enough to pass through the drain. With some exceptions, any food can be disposed of by turning on the tap and flipping on the switch.

The Benefits of a Garbage Disposal Unit

Garbage Sink Disposal

A garbage disposal in your sink can have many repairs.

Convenience: Cleaning up after meals can be faster when you dispose of remaining food scraps by simply directing them to your sink as you wash your dishes.

Cleanliness: You will greatly reduce the growth of bacteria in your kitchen by disposing waste down your drain rather than your trash can. Food left in trash containers are more susceptible to attracting insects and pests.

Diverting Landfill Waste: Roughly 12% of all solid waste is U.S. landfills are the product of food scraps. As food decays, a greenhouse gas (methane) is released into the atmosphere.

Additionally, the use of a garbage disposal system can reduce the number of plastic bags sent to the landfills as it would free up the space of waste in your bags as less are used.

Wastewater =  Renewable Energy: Across the U.S. many wastewater facilities are now harvesting the methane found in wastewater to produce bio-gas, a byproduct that is then up-cycled for energy production. As much as 10 times more energy can be produced from wastewater than is needed to treat it, the higher the methane content in wastewater the better it is to reproduce the harmful gas into energy. By using a garbage disposal unit instead of a waste bin you are preventing the methane from being released into the atmosphere and instead extracting and resourcing it as green energy!

Power and Water Used Isn’t Large: With the use of a garbage disposal the overall water consumption would only increase to 1%  and the electrical cost in operating it would amount roughly to $0.50.

Benefits of Garbage Disposal Units

Adding a garbage disposal unit under your kitchen sink can reap many environmental & convenience benefits!

Garbage Disposal Repair

As it is with many things, there could be many reasons as to why your garbage disposal may be encountering problems. Although some issues can be fixed through some tweaks, others may ultimately require you to replace your garbage disposal.

Leaking garbage disposal: If you come across a leak, first try to pinpoint if the leak is coming from the top, side or bottom of your garbage disposal as each scenario correlates with a different issue and outcome when you require leaking garbage disposal repair.

  • Top: The likely issue is your sink’s flange or plumber’s putty which can loosen or corrode naturally over time. If a particular force has hit it, that can also be a reason why it was loosened. In these cases, the remedy would be to re-tighten the flange or to reseal it with new putty.
  • Side: When there is a leak on the sides, it may be time to re-tighten the connection of your two drain lines (the smaller pipe connects from the dishwasher to the disposal and the larger one connects from the disposal to the sewer) by replacing the possibility of a worn rubber gasket of the main drain line or simply tightening the screws of both lines.
  • Bottom: If there’s a leak directly coming out from the bottom (and not just the top making it’s way down) it could be time to replace the garbage disposal as the internal seals may have naturally worn out with time.

Overheating: If your garbage disposal unit isn’t humming when you flip the switch it could be that it has been tripped off from overheating due to unit being overfilled. In these cases you could either locate the red reset button on the unit, or if that doesn’t work, see if the breaker was tripped in your circuit box.

Jamming: If your unit is humming but the disposal itself isn’t working right, it could be that the impellers are stuck. In these cases, it is cautioned not to reach into the unit and risk your hand into the grinding chamber. To solve this type of jamming, first turn off the circuit breakers and then remove the bottom housing in order to clear out the blockage. As this task may be tricky due to the risk of the grinder hitting your fingers, it is recommended to contact a qualified professional to assist you in the job.

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