Gas Line Repair

Residential Gas Pipe

For your health & safety, have your gas lines inspected annually by a certified technician.

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Whether you’ve found a gas leak after your emergency earthquake gas shut off valve set off or by other means, a gas leak can have dangerous repercussions such as fires and explosions. It is important to contact a natural gas plumber if you ever suspect or feel your health and safety is at risk. Here are some signs and steps to follow in the event of a gas leak so you can be prepared and safe!

Signs of a Gas Leak

  • Higher than normal gas bills
  • Higher susceptibility to headaches & nausea
  • Strong odors of sulfur or rotten egg
  • Chest pain
  • Irregular or difficulty breathing
  • Ringing in ears
  • Dead houseplants
  • Dizziness or light-headed
  • Drowsiness
  • Nose bleeds
  • Flu-like symptoms

What To Do in the Event of a Gas Leak

The reason for the strong odor of sulfur or rotten eggs in natural gas is due to an additive that has been included for the purposes of detection. If this odor is detected, you see any sparks or flames or hear a major hissing sound than these are immediate signs or danger. Don’t take any chances as your health and safety may be at risk and be sure to evacuate outdoors immediately.

Follow these necessary steps:

  1. Evacuate the Building: Get everyone out in a calm and orderly fashion, the safety of everyone inside is essential. Make sure that everyone is gathered a safe distance from the building.
  2. Don’t Use Any Electrical Devices: In this day and age, avoid the instinctual pull to use your electronics as a spark of any kind can ignite the gas. Do not turn any lights or applicants on or off. Do not use any appliances including your mobile phone.
  3. Leave the Door Open: As you exit the building, leave any doors you go through open as they can assist in venting out the gas.
  4. Call the gas company or 911: Once you’ve check that everyone is safely out of the building and at a safe distance, call 911 and your gas company to report the leak and to start the process of having safety measures in place in case of damages.

Once the emergency is over and you have been given the clear, call Expert Plumbing and Rooter Inc so we may be able to quickly and efficiently start your natural gas line repair and safety can be restored!

Prevention of Slow Natural Gas Leaks

Annual Inspection: Make sure that all appliances, gas lines, vents, furnaces, chimneys, and flues are regularly inspected by a qualified industry professional in case gas line repairs are necessary.

Ventilation: Keep the areas around your appliances clean and unblocked to allow for proper air flow. Natural gas can build up if proper ventilation in your home or business is not allowed proper circulation through vents.

Carbon Monoxide Detector/Alarm: A carbon monoxide detector or alarm is a great auditory and visible tool to have as an indicator of unsafe levels of gas. It is recommended to have one placed in all rooms.

Fire Extinguisher: Always make sure that you have at least one fire extinguisher readily available in your home or place of business.

Chemicals and Flammable Materials: Make sure that all chemical and flammable materials are stored safely away from any gas appliances.

Gas Pipe Line Valves

Gas pipe lines can be added to your home or businesses by a qualified professional.

Gas Appliance Installation

If you are considering adding a new gas line to your home or business look no further! It may be that you want to add a range to your kitchen or would like the fast efficiency of a gas dryer. Perhaps you’d like to avoid running out to get propane when you find you’re out of it in the middle of your barbecue party! Well, we’ve got you covered with the help of a natural gas plumber for the installation of your natural gas grill. No matter the case, the extension of your gas line for your appliances is something we can help you with. Our trained and licensed professionals are the right experts to do the job! For the health and safety of your family or business, we recommend not to do these tasks on your own. With a skilled gas plumber or technician, you can be sure that all the necessary local building and safety codes will be met!

If you’re thinking of adding a new gas appliance or line to your home or business, or you need any emergency repairs then contact Expert Plumbing and Rooter Inc today at 818-474-1109! We are your number one contact for gas line installations and repairs in the Van Nuys, CA area!