Hydro Jetting

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What is Hydro Jetting?

High Pressure Hose Clearing Clogs

Using a high pressure hose, aka hydro jetting, in pipes can clear up particularly tough clogs & backups.

Hydro jetting is usually reserved in cases where clogs are more on the severe side. Overtime, a large buildup of scale, debris, or grease can stubbornly affect the performance of your drains and pipes. Hydro jetting consists of a high pressure withstanding hose that is connected to a tank of water in which a special machine pressurizes the water. This hose is then inserted into the drainpipes to scour out any buildup and clean the pipe with a water flow as high as 4,000 psi! Hydro jet drain cleaning involves the processes of gravity as the hose is inserted into the bottom of the downstream system and moves upstream. As the water blasts its way through the pipes, the debris and other materials dislodge and move downward out of the pipes. Gravity would thereby pull the wastewater out of the jetting sewer lines and clear out the pipes. Once this process is over, water will be able to flow naturally once more.

Not All Clogs Require Hydro Jetting

Sewer Rod Clearing Blockage

In some cases, using a sewer snake or rod can clear out a drain blockage.

There can be many reasons that your drain system may be blocked that may not require jetting your sewer lines. In some cases, it may be more detrimental to use this method and alternate methods may be recommended instead.

For example, if tree rooting penetration is significant, it can compromise your pipe’s waterproof coating and lead to further pipe damage. In cases such as these, hydro jetting sewer lines may not be the best solution. It may lead to more problems as perforated septic lines would be susceptible to the infiltration of soil and rocks.

In most cases of a clogged drain, an auger or even rodding is used. An auger, sometimes called a plumber’s snake, is a long, thin flexible tool that is used to dislodge tougher material that may be blocking drains. This tool would snag on any clogging residue and would be manually pulled out. Drain rods are stiffer material usually a meter long or variable in size dependent on the task at hand. These rods are connected to other rods by screw connections on either ends and are also flexible enough to be inserted into drains in the attempt to unblock them. Although both methods prove reliable in unblocking drains, hydro jetting is ideal as a comprehensive clearing solution to particularly tough buildups and pipe clogs. Hydro jetting is often used as a last case resort or as a preventive measure to avoid severe build up and clogs in larger drains and plumbing systems.

It is always essential to have a specialist survey the area to see if alternate forms of action are better so risks can be avoided.

Hydro Jetting As a Preventive Measure

Hydro jetting can be used as a preventive measure on keeping your drains cleaned and can be very useful in avoiding future blockages and clogs. Many commercial establishments choose this option since it can be particularly helpful with businesses that prepare and process food as they are more likely to have fat and grease sent down their drains. A clogged pipe in an environment where productivity is essential can be detrimental to both revenue and business reputation. Eliminate the risks of getting a clog and consider hydro jetting as an advantageous solution to avoiding possible losses.

What We Do

Your local Van Nuys, CA area service professionals will be able to determine if your home or business requires hydro jetting. If hydro jetting is agreed upon as the solution, an area of the plumbing system is accessed as the clean out area where a specialist can easily gain access to the pipes and drains. You’ll be happy to know that we use the latest in video inspection technology to find and locate the clogs and make sure to properly inspect the area to determine the nature of your problem. With the information gathered, we’ll be able to confer with you on the possible course of action and recommended the best cost-effective solutions to clearing out your clogs!

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