Pipe Leak Repair

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Pipe Water Leaks

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Don’t let a pipe leak ruin your day, if you need pipe leak repair contact a professional!

If you find yourself coming across a pipe leak inside of your home, the damage can be extensive and finding the source of the leak is often difficult. Water from a leak can travel along the length of your walls and ceiling before detection becomes apparent. Floors can become warped, walls waterlogged and mold can develop. Leaks can occur anywhere, even in underground pipes or pipes under slabs of concrete which can result in slab leak problems. These types of leaks usually give you some auditory or visual hints such as hearing strange gurgling sounds or seeing water pooling in your yard.

In other cases, a leak can remain undetected for quite some time and the only difference you may notice is a sizable increase in your water usage resulting in spikes to your monthly water bill.

Here are some steps to check if you have a hidden water leak:

  1. Make sure all of the taps in your home are off and all appliances that use water are not in operation.
  2. Check your water meter. If a water leak exists, it will indicate that you are still consuming water.
  3. If a leak is present, the main water supply shut-off valve is usually located close to your water meter. It may be prudent to address the problem by shutting off the water supply in your home in order to stop the water flow into your house so you may contain the amount of damage it may cause. Make it a priority to contact your local water pipe leak repair service and be sure to keep it off until they arrive to address the problem.

Pipe Leak Detection with Technology

Not so long ago, a hidden leak usually meant opening up walls and ceilings in an effort to locate the source of the problem for water leak repair.  Today, the professional technicians at Expert Plumbing and Rooter Inc make use of the latest in leak detection technology. Among our arsenal of tools, we have sensitive audio equipment that can detect the sound of underground leaks, so we may pinpoint the area of your pipe repair. We may also incorporate the use of video cameras that are mounted on a flexible rod and can travel through your pipes! These options greatly reduce the need to cut into floors, walls and ceilings when pipe leak repair is needed!

Different Causes of Leaks

Pipe leaks can emerge from a variety of environmental, structural or age specific factors. Here are a few different scenarios that may be happening to your pipe systems.

  • Old age: Can cause corrosion from the inside out through time with improper galvanization.
  • Cracks: These can be caused from freezing in the wintertime or from forceful impacts.
  • Clogs: Buildup can affect the water pressure and weaken the pipe.
  • Corrosion: Certain pipes can react to soil negatively from the outside (copper pipe leak repairs are usually due to this factor) or be susceptible to corrosion inside the pipe from chemical compounds in the water flow.
  • Damaged pipe joints: One of the vulnerable parts of a pipe, extreme pressures and high water pressure can greatly affect pipe joints.
  • High water pressure: The harder water hits the inside of a pipe the more susceptible it can be to leaks.
  • Loosened water connectors: If your pipe wasn’t installed properly, high pressure water flow can cause the pipe to shake and eventually loosen connectors, they can also be knocked from an outside force.
  • Broken seals on water connectors: Seals can naturally degrade over time.
  • Tree root intrusion: Roots can sneak into preexisting cracks and further aggravate the pipe’s natural water flow.


There are several options for water pipe leak repairs depending on the types of damages, our professionals will be sure to undergo an inspection to let you know your options so your pipe leak repairs can be initiated!

Get Pipe Leak Repair Help with a Qualified Plumber!

No matter the type of pipe repair problem you may have, a qualified technician is here to help!

We here at Expert Plumbing and Rooter Inc are knowledgeable in all of your of pipe repair specifications! We are able to assist you with any type of pipe problems you may have, from copper pipe leak repair, PVC pipe leak repair, sewer line repair and more!

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