Some Tips to Have That Disposal to Work Better

Tips to Have a Functioning Garbage Disposal

With the cooler weather on the horizon, many people will be cooking indoors more often. It’s the time of pumpkin pies, homemade cookies and home-cooked meals.

Unfortunately, it’s also a time where you’re creating more food waste, which can cause issues with your Van Nuys home disposal. These three tips will keep the disposal running smoothly into the fall and winter months.

Keep it Clean and Fresh

If you love oranges, grapefruit or lemons, you can do your disposal a service by adding the grinds to the sink. It helps to keep the disposal from becoming a stinky mess. The peels will clean the blades and the oils will naturally freshen up the disposal. Don’t add a large peel or a whole orange to your disposal since that’s asking for trouble.

Never Put This in the Disposal

While it’s okay to put small pieces of rind in the disposal for cleaning, never put large pieces of fruit peels like bananas in the disposal. Some items become like glue or string and wrap around the disposal, which can cause the blades and motor to grind to a halt. One of the worst things to add to your disposal is potato skins. The starch can become gummy and clog up the pipes. The skins can wrap around the blades and cause the disposal to stop working. Don’t add non-food items to the disposal. It’s never a good idea and will cause serious repair problems.


At least once per year, grind ice cubes in your Van Nuys home garbage disposal. While grinding the ice cubes, run cold water through the disposal. It helps to sharpen the blades. This will also help remove any foods or odors coming from the disposal. Once a month, you want to help the drains run smoothly. You can do this by adding vinegar and baking soda to the disposal. After letting it sit, flush it away with hot water. Over the fall months, you might consider creating a composter in the backyard for all the waste that shouldn’t be added to the disposal. When it comes time for spring planting, you’ll have your own supply of natural fertilizer for a garden. It’ll help keep your disposal running smoothly since all the items that would have clogged and ruined the disposal will be in the composter.

Time to get your Van Nuys, CA home garbage disposal ready for the holiday season. Call Expert Plumbing and Rooter Inc at 818-474-1109 today.