Stop the Disaster From Happening in Your Home

Top 3 Fall Home Maintenance Disasters

Water Pipes

When it’s cold, make sure you disconnect your water hose from the Van Nuys home. Failure to do so can lead water to freeze and expand, causing damage to faucets and pipes in your home. Almost all exposed pipes are susceptible to freezing.

This leads to water pressure buildup which causes cracks. Even the smallest of cracks can lead to damage and flooding, which is why its imperative to fix leaks and drips when first spotted. Frozen pipes can also be prevented by covering them with Styrofoam insulation, which is available at most home centers.


Maintaining clean gutters is also important during autumn. Be sure to remove leaves and debris to prevent damage to your lawn or foundation. Clogged gutters can also lead to severe water damage to your roof, costing you thousands in repairs. Cleaning should be done at least twice per year.

Water Heaters

Water heaters work harder during the colder, winter months so it’s important to make sure they receive proper maintenance to ensure it will be fully functioning year round. You should flush it out in order remove sediment buildup, which can shorten the life of your heater, cause corrosion, and ultimately make it less efficient. Using caution because it is hot, test the pressure relief valve. Lift up valve’s lever and let it snap back into place, if working properly; it should allow a burst of hot water into the drain pipe. If this does not happen, call a professional and have a new valve installed. If your water heater is older than five years or this technique has never been done, it could possibly cause damage. Leaks or bursts can occur due to possible corrosion or stuck seals. Once again, if you aren’t sure, call a plumber and have them take a look. For optimum performance, the temperature of your water heater should range from 120 degrees Fahrenheit to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature drops below that threshold, legionella bacteria can grown and eventually be released through shower steam. With that being said, going above that threshold can result in having scalding hot water and possible burns. If you’re leaving your Van Nuys home for an extended period of time, shutting off the main water valves, draining the system and turning your water heater down to a “vacation setting” can reduce energy costs while away.

If it can go wrong, it will – unless you keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. Call Expert Plumbing and Rooter Inc at 818-474-1109 to get your Van Nuys, CA home inspected.