The Variety of Purposes of the Different Types of Water

Difference Between Hard Water and Soft Water

While water is something that is needed for survival, there are in fact different kinds of water that have been used for a variety of purposes. Hard water and soft water, the two categories of water, come with a variety of differences between them as well as a number of different ways in which they have been used over the years.

Household Damage

One of the biggest differences between hard water and soft water is the amount of damage each can inflict on a household. Hard water, since it has extremely high levels of minerals, can cause potential damage to many parts of a Van Nuys home. Over a long period of time, hard water can lead to corrosion of pipes. In addition, it can also lead to significant staining of sinks, bathtubs, washing machines, and dishwashers. Yet soft water, since it contains far less minerals than hard water, is often seen as being very beneficial regarding a variety of your Van Nuys household chores. For example, its low mineral concentration has enabled it to allow for better suds and a cleaner rinse, making it the preferred water for washing clothes or dishes. Because of this, washing machines and dishwashers often need less detergent when using soft water in order to do their jobs effectively.

Different Tastes

Hard water and soft water differ greatly in how they taste to most people. Hard water has almost always been preferred for drinking purposes, since the high mineral content lets it retain a more natural flavor. However, soft water often gets a much different reaction from people who drink it now and then. Most of the time, soft water has been said to have a very flat taste, or in fact no taste at all. With some people, they claim the water has a somewhat salty taste, making it taste too bitter.

Surface Location

One of the biggest aspects that determines the differences between hard water and soft water involve where they are found. Hard water is usually rainwater than has seeped into the ground and become a water source for a well or spring, while soft water is that which is usually found on the planet’s surface filling up rivers, lakes, and streams. Because of the location, the mineral concentration of both is greatly affected. Hard water has a mineral concentration of one grain per gallon, while soft water’s concentration is less than one grain per gallon.

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