Water Filtration System in Van Nuys, CA

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Water Filtration Cartridge

Inside of a white cartridge for water filtration.

Nothing beats a fresh glass of water no matter the season! It is both revitalizing and pure! Or it at least should be that is. There are many things swimming in our water that we don’t want in our systems. In order to ensure you’re getting the cleanest water out there, it may be time to switch out or check on your water filtration system.

Being in a natural environment, suffice it to say, our drinking water is exposed to a lot of contaminants and impurities. As they flow through the rivers or run through the streams, the ground acts as a natural filtration system. For us, public water is treated through treatment facilities that actively reduce the chemicals and contaminant contents of our water in a level that is deemed acceptable. However, not all of it is eliminated in this process. There are still chemicals that you can be exposed to the next time you choose to drink from the fountain sink.

Chemicals Found in Drinking Water

  • Aluminum, linked to brain function impairment
  • Arsenic, a known carcinogen that also causes circulatory system damage
  • Barium, a contributor to hypertension
  • Beryllium, a toxin, and suspected carcinogen
  • Cadmium, a contributor to kidney disease
  • Chromium, known to damage the liver, kidneys and nervous system
  • Lead causes brain and kidney damage and is particularly hazardous for children
  • Manganese, a toxin harmful for expectant mothers and young children
  • Thallium damages liver kidneys in the intestinal tract
  • Zinc, a contributor to anemia

If prolonged to exposure at high levels, these chemicals can pose great health risks. In order to prevent the possibility of contracting these dangers, most people prefer to take matters into their own hands by eliminating the remaining elements that don’t get caught with the addition of whole house water filter systems.

What is a water softener?

If you were wondering about water softener installation, let’s clear some misconceptions first. Although a water softener might improve the taste of your water, it will not provide the same benefits of a filter system as a softener does not give you cleaner water it simply exchanges compounds. A water softener will attract chemical through a bed of sodium ion covered beads in which the water goes through. Calcium and other chemicals that make water taste hard exchange their ions with the positive ones of the sodium. In the end, calcium is replaced with salt and your water is no better than hard tap water. Therefore, it might be better to install a whole house water filter or other filters to remove all other impurities.

Types of Water Filtration Systems

There are two types of water filter systems that are commonly available for your home and are both very effective in significantly reducing the chemical contaminants in your drinking water. Contact us today if you need water filtration system installation in Van Nuys, CA!

Activated Carbon Water Filter System

An activated carbon water filter system uses carbon filters or pre-filters that attract and absorb larger particles such as silt and sediment. These filters also pull away elements that can cause an odor to your water, such as chlorine, so in the end, your water can have a better and improved taste.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System 

A reverse osmosis system sends pressurized water through a semipermeable membrane where impurities and contaminants can’t follow. This system is considered to be the most popularly used.

The Ideal Water Filtration System

An ideal water filtration system would use both of these filters as it would use multiple systems of filtration processes to thoroughly root the contaminants out.  A thorough system will first have water travel through a pre-filter system, or activated carbon system, that traps larger particles like silt and sediment. It will then go through the reverse osmosis system where the pressurized water would filter the contaminants and impurities. Once this is completed, your water would have a final scrub through a post-filter so your water can then be passed on in either a storage tank where it would be completely ready to drink.

Complete Water Filter System

A complete water filter system with pre, RO & post water filters.

A reverse osmosis system installation, as well as activated carbon water filter systems, can be incorporated as an under the sink water filter system or a whole house water filtration system. Support your immunity to harsh contaminants and health hazardous chemicals with whole house water filter installation. Rehydrate without any worries, know what’s in your cup!

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